President’s Message

Dear friends

Having introduced Turkey to the organized industrial region, Bursa has succeeded in writing a real success story in the 50 years that we left behind.

Bursa, which is carrying the parameters from the production, the export, the export and the parameters in the Turkish economy, is now the center of the strategic targets of our country with 21 industrial zones and 1 free zone.

Producing goods and services in more than 200 countries and exporting to the free zone, Bursa, with the vision of becoming the leading city,
Has also played a pioneering role in the transition.

In a time when the foundations of the 4th Industrial Revolution were introduced in the global developed economies, the Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone

TEKNOSAB will be a model for the transformation of our country's industry with its production based on cyber design, knowledge and innovation.
Clustering groups in target sectors, excellence and R & D centers, organized trade center, BTSO

TEKNOSAB has already become a center of attraction for domestic and foreign investors with its connection with the University of Technology, highway, railway and port projects.

TEKNOSAB will also cover a significant portion of its energy needs, using many sustainable and renewable energy sources, especially wind turbines and solar panels.

TEKNOSAB, which we have gained to our country in anticipation of an investment of 25 billion dollars in total, will meet half of the 75 billion dollar export target we set for 2023 as Bursa business world alone.

TEKNOSAB, the leader of BCCO, will continue to fulfill the dreams of Turkey with the common mind.

Ibrahim Burkay
Chairman of the Board of BTSO and BUTGEM