Our Vision

To increase the efficiency of the sectors with high economic potential and the share of high technology in exports with the understanding of Three Y (Domestic, Innovative and Green)

4. Being the foundation of the Industrial Revolution, fiber optic infrastructure, reliable, sustainable and renewable energy sources,

To create a practical application to the result-oriented feasible projects of industrial organizations and the ideas of the scientific / research community,

Producing a solution to the living urban problems by ending the dispersal of the sectors.
In order to establish a safe and sustainable production system that is high value added, advanced technology based, efficient, environmentally sensitive, reducing external dependency, it is aimed to create a new generation OSB which will enable the existing industry in Bursa to transform technological investments.

Bursa TEKNOSAB; Is a systematic approach to the structural transformation of the industry with cluster groups in the target sectors, excellence and R & D centers, organize trade center, recycling center, BTSO Technology
University and logistics center.

This approach;

Clustering groups of target sectors will increase international competitiveness, provide information and technology flow among the industries, connect firms with a production chain that creates added value, and will give the opportunity to encourage the 6th region to produce advanced high-tech production.

R & D and Center of Excellence to be found in each cluster group; Experts who are trained in different disciplines, the R & D projects that will emerge with the production capability of universities and companies will pass by.

Organize Trade Center; We will bring together companies from sectors that high-tech industries need, such as information technology, industrial design, patent, law, foreign trade, insurance, customs. By enhancing productivity with complementary services, the firm will strengthen Bursa TEKNOSAB's ability to be an idea-service-production-trade chain.

University of Technology; The responsibility for ensuring industry-public-university collaboration on the basis of graduate education will be undertaken through collaborations with existing universities. It will provide academic support and development in a wide range of fields, from innovation and R & D activities required by the industry to technology transfer and training of qualified personnel.

Logistics Center; Will meet all logistics needs from a single center. Until reaching the final buyer of a product produced in the region and TEKNOSAB, many services such as transportation, distribution, storage, handling, consolidation, separation, customs, export, import and transit transactions will be realized with minimum cost by utilizing quality, .

Bursa TEKNOSAB targets a production process that is compatible with the Green production concept, which is dominated by eco-efficiency. Wind, sun, heat pump, thermal etc. Solar panels will be built on the roof of all the buildings to be built in the OIZ, which will be benefited from many sustainable and renewable energy sources, especially energy. It will meet 10%, then 40% of your own energy needs in the first stage.

The rehabilitation of the wastes by connecting them to the drainage systems, bringing the nature of the ova to the river and bringing the Bursa-based industry to the end of the pollution of nature will make an important contribution to the environmental values, transportation and quality of life of Bursa.

High-tech and value-added industries are the key to achieving the $ 500 billion export target set for 2023. Bursa
TEKNOSAB, with this consciousness, will meet Bursa's export goal of 75 billion dollars by itself, will create an investment of 25 billion dollars, export per kilogram is 8 dollars, income per capita is 35 thousand dollars, the ratio of R & D centers per capita is 3% .