Bursa TEKNOSAB (Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone); As location; Bursa city center is about 30 km. west, Bursa-Karacabey approximately 2.5 km north of the highway, tangential to the south of the ongoing construction of the Istanbul-Izmir highway project is ongoing Zetinbag of-Mudanya on the provincial road, which is in the bidding process and only passengers can carry YHT lines can be made together as well as passenger and freight transport It is 74 km to Bandırma Port, just south of Bursa-Bandırma High Speed ​​Train Project with 200 km / h speed.
It is located 50 km away from Gemlik Port.

Karacabey is located in the district borders; 837 ha. Alan, T.C. Bursa Provincial Directorate of Investment Monitoring and Coordination, T.C. Karacabey Municipality and Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the participation of the establishment protocol on 15.07.2015, T.C. Science, Industry and Technology Ministry following the approval by the registration number No. 310 has gained legal personality. On April 6, 2016, T.C. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, with the participation of the amended Protocol Organization, the Ministry has approved the protocol amended on May 31, 2016.

Bursa TEKNOSAB Entrepreneur Council's March 10, 2016 judgment of Bursa TEKNOSAB and around the needs of combined transport will provide logistic facilities will be needed (Road / Rail) the establishment of a logistics center connected ports on the basis of studies and initiatives, BEBKA, BCCI and Bursa Metropolitan continues in the Municipality of responsibility It is.

Expropriation of work and business plans as permitted by the legislation simultaneously with the process and the project continues.