With TEKNOSAB, Production will be focused on industrialist main business

"With TEKNOSAB, production will be focused on industrialist main business"

Remzi Topuk, Chairman of the Assembly of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), Mustafa Tecdelioglu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Industrialists and Businessmen Association (BESIAD) and his accompanying delegation.

In a visit to the BTSO Service Building, Parliament Speaker Remzi Heuk stated that the Bursa business world was meeting with the common mind in BTSO leadership and said that this combination provided important benefits for Bursa and the country's economy. Referring to the projects that BTSO has been experiencing, Remzi Heuk pointed out the importance of structuring the 'Sectoral Council', especially the 20 strategic areas of the past. Parliament Speaker Heuk said, "Requests and proposals from the council and our committees also mobilize decision-making mechanisms. There are many signs of the common mind of the Bursa business world under many of the legal regulations passed by our economic administration in the recent period. "

Parliament Speaker Remzi Heuk said that a new era will begin with TEKNOSAB, which is among the macro projects of the BTSO. Remzi Topuk stated that all details are planned for the industrialist who will perform production in TEKNOSAB. "Thanks to TEKNOSAB, which will pass through the turnkey factory model, our industrialist will only focus on the production, which is the main business".

BTSO Parliament Speaker Heuk noted that BESİAD is an association representing about 70 percent of the production realized in Turkey in the fasteners sector. Stating that he had signed important work at the point of development of the association, he added that he was pleased to be a member of BESİAD and also to assume the post of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

BESİAD President Mustafa Tecdelioğlu also said that they were following the projects that BTSO had realized with admiration. Tecdelioglu stated that TEKNOSAB will be a big profit for the Turkish economy, "With the opportunities offered by TEKNOSAB in a period when the logistics costs are rising, the firm will bring significant competitive advantage. The world-class production methods applied here will increase the value added and the export will add power ".