"TEKNOSAB will Provide Turkey with High Technology Production and Exports

Science Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Ozlu;
"TEKNOSAB will Provide Turkey with High Technology Production and Exports"

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), Science Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Ozlu met with Bursa business world. BTSO's DOSAB BUTEKOM and MESYEB Investigations Minister Faruk Ozlu, Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB) Project, Turkey's high-tech production and export will add strength, he said.

Faruk Özlü, the Minister of Science and Industry and Technology, announced that the new building of the Professional Competence Examination and Documentation Center (MESYEB), which BTSO has acquired for the Bursa business world, and the BUTEKOM settlement where the Textile and Technical Textile Excellence Center and the Advanced Composite Materials Research and Excellence Center examined. BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay briefed Faruk Ozlu about the laboratories and technical units of BUTEKOM, which will lead Turkey's MESYEB, which has the highest examination and certification authority, and value-added production. Then Minister Faruk Ozlu met with representatives of Bursa business world and the R & D center managers of the companies.

Minister Faruk Ozlu, Bursa business world and the economy of the country and the city had exchanged ideas about developments and expectations. Bursa is one of Turkey's most important production centers, indicating that Minister Faruk Ozlu, "Bursa, a city that gives direction to the Turkish economy. The TEKNOSAB project, which will be established in Bursa, where the first organized industrial zone passed by, will add great value to Bursa and our country's economy in high technology production. I give great importance to Bursa. I am happy to be with Bursa business world. We congratulate the valuable representatives of our business world which contributed to the Turkish economy, and I thank BTSO for its exemplary projects and work. "

BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay said that Turkey continues to progress more strongly than the national development targets and that new investments are the most concrete indicator of the confidence of the private sector in Turkey. President Burkay, who expressed his determination to work to enlarge Bursa and Turkey, said that the BCC's macro projects lay at the root of common sense. "We are all working together on the future of Bursa with the common mind," said President Burkay. "The most important point in the jump ahead of Turkey is the shift in value-added production with the transformation in the industry. R & D and Production Reform Packages that take into account the demands of our business world add a great dynamism to our economy in this sense. "

President Burkay said that R & D and Production Reform Packages, which include many items such as support for domestic production, use of advanced technology and high value-added production capability, will contribute greatly to Turkey's achievement of 2023 targets. When the BCCI was hosted in August, Minister Faruk Ozlu held a meeting with the OSB directors. Among the items requested by the Bursa business world to be included in the Production Reform Package, he thanked the establishment of SAGYAŞ, the reduction of the real estate tax, the opening of the ministry loan for the reformed OSB infrastructural needs he. President Burkay said, "We have also presented our views and requests under the R & D Reform Package, which is exciting for us as a business community. Regulations such as innovation and design expenditures in R & D and design centers are subject to corporate tax and income tax reduction, additional tax exemptions are given to companies in technology development regions, and the number of full-time employees to be employed in R & D centers is reduced from 30 to 15. Research and innovation activities. We thank you for your efforts to find solutions to the demands of our business world, "he said.

President Burkay, who stated that they aimed to reach the number of R & D centers in Bursa reaching 50 out of 23 in 2 years and 100 in 2018, together with the regulations that open the front of the innovation ecosystem, "Turkey's 2023 target, Catching Bursa, we will easily reach the unit price of $ 8 kg. With the TEKNOSAB project, which is the symbol of the transition to the 4th industrial revolution, the city will catch the $ 75 billion export target. We are confident that our Bursa and Turkey will reach their targets in 2023 and 2071 with great efforts of the private sector under the leadership of you and your government ".