BTSO Projects Indicate Our 2023 Goals Are Not Imaginary

Transportation Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan:
"BTSO Projects and 2023 Our Targets Are Not Imaginary"
BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay;
"TEKNOSAB, our country will lead the industry transformation"

Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan visited Bursa Trade and Industry Chamber (BTSO) within the scope of contacts in Bursa, "I found the opportunity to listen to the BTSO's projects. We have seen once again in the workings of the BTSO that 2023 targets are not dreams ".

BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Assembly Chairman Remzi Topuk and Board Member Ahmet Arslan hosted a briefing on the work carried out under BTSO leadership, especially the TEKNOSAB project. Ahmet Arslan expressed his satisfaction with the work done and thanked BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay and members of the board of directors.

Minister Ahmet Arslan, who expressed that Bursa is the heart of trade and industry life in Turkey, stated that they are proud of Bursa's performance. Ahmet Arslan pointed out that Bursa's export figures and industry experience are the locomotives of Turkey and said, "The vision of BCCI is the steps that support the policy of our country and our government. Sayin President and Mrs Prime Minister, we are very pleased to have heard from our President Ibrahim Burkay today about how big the projects we have made in Bursa, the lives of the Bursals and the trade life of Bursa are exactly what we want.

Osmangazi Bridge and Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Highway Bursa ETABIN'in completion of the citizens of the increase in travel comfort that stating the Minister Arslan, "Our projects in addition to the comfort of the region will provide growth in industry and trade. Depending on these developments, value added will also increase. These projects will be the most important element and milestone in reaching the targets of our country. BCCO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay's supporting statements and the requests for work to be done, we saw once again that we were on the right track "

Expressing that the logistics center is an important step in reaching the targets of the Bursa industry in 2023, Minister Arslan said, "The Bursa industry wants to be connected to the sea by railway. Not only from Gemlik, but also from Bandırma wants to be bilateral. The projects demanded to ease the export and logistics costs and to reduce the costs of transport are the projects that we want, in order to send the production we produce to overseas countries. Therefore, railway connection to Gemlik, Bursa-Bandırma railway connection is very important. We will connect the railways to the sea, where freight transport will be done with high-speed train lines. Especially we want Bursa-Bilecik, Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train projects to be completed one by one. We did the procurement tender for the processes related to the processes. We have finished the tender work until the part of Yenişehir. We're signing a contract these days. Thus, we will make the connection of the railway, the east-west and the north-south ax to the surroundings of Bursa ".

"There is a need for logistics centers to export goods from ports to offshore countries," said Arslan. "There is an important work carried out by BTSO in this regard. I see this work as a very important step for the Bursa industry. We also interviewed about the TEKNOSAB project. We think that the integration of Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir Highway has a great prospect in terms of the development of the region. We will take the necessary steps in this regard, "he said.

Underlining that the work of the Metropolitan Municipality, the private sector and the public sector should be complementary, Minister Arslan continued his speech as follows: "We are all moving together to grow our country to a stable future. BTSO's work in space aeronautical defense field, projects carried out about logistic planning if necessary; It is complementary to our great work in Ankara. In this sense, we will give all kinds of support to these works carried out by BCCO. They will continue to contribute to the work of the future of the country. Let's put forth a case study in other industrial cities of our country in Bursa, not only in Bursa, but also in every part of our country. "

Chairman of BTSO Ibrahim Burkay said that Bursa, the production base of Turkey and the second biggest exporter city, is a city leading the economic growth of the country. As BCCO, Burkay emphasized that TEKNOSAB project which will provide the transformation of Turkey's advanced technology production is important, noting that Bursa, which exports to more than 180 countries with its courageous investors acting with the vision of "Turkey grows in Bursa grows", is working for further growth. President Burkay said that they aimed to increase the export per kilogram and value added production of Turkey and Bursa with TEKNOSAB. "The projects that continue under the leadership of Mr. Sayım Bakanımız Ahmet Arslan in the development of the Turkish economy today are not only the Bursa economy but also the Turkish economy Direction. It is very important that the Osmangazi Bridge and the Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir Motorway have been completed between Bursa and Istanbul. In addition, with the high-speed train project which is a vital project for Bursa, both our urban economy and our country's economy will be revived. I would like to thank Ahmet Arslan, our Minister of Labor, who is beside our business world in this regard, and I thank you for your cooperation. "